Kiyomi Ren Mino (they)

Kiyomi studies at the FU Berlin and is a part of a participative book project which centers Asian diasporic perspectives in Germany. They are interested in learning more about pleasurable and sustainable practices for community organizing and how to bring various generations of the Asian diaspora together around struggles concerning—but not limited to—working conditions, migration and gender.

Hany Tea (she/they)

Hany is a political scientist by education, a performance artist by passion and a cartographer by accident. She co-created the online network, Asian Diaspora in Europe, and has hosted artist and community talks on notions of home, mobility and the politics of care. Their practices and research focus on the links between environmental changes, migration/displacement and urbanisation. As a Mapping Inequities Fellow, Hany is currently creating a soundscape map of Kotti exploring people’s awareness on noise pollution through audio recordings, analogue data drawings and interviews.

Huong Nam Nguyen Thi (she/her)

Nam grew up in Berlin, is an artist, mother, and currently works with the Feminist Care Research Group. She is an analog photographer, who has been specifically capturing portraits and moments of the political Asian-German movement.

Thao Ho (she/they)

Thao is a cultural studies scholar and filmmaker. She teaches in/outside academia, writes fiction, creates and co-edits zines. Currently, Thao works at the Gay Museum & Archive as a research trainee where she focuses on transnational queer movements and practices of memory. She has given talks at CTM Festival, MärzMusik and Radical Film Network on the politics of noise, temporality and aesthetics of resistance. 

Vicky Truong (she/her)

Vicky Truong plants seeds that’ll break the foundation our society was built upon. She wants people to flourish in their own ways as they connect to a movement that works towards a more sublime future. She truly believes that everyone can be leaders of change and focuses on empowering others for this. Vicky is a committed activist and community builder working closely with the Asian diaspora, migrant-seen communities in Germany and LGBTQIA+ community; organising festivals, events, workshops and discussions.

Ragil Huda (he/him)

Ragil Huda is a community organizer, event curator, and graduate student at the Asien-Afrika Institut, Universität Hamburg. He is one of the organizers of the international platform and network called 'Queer' Asia (@queerasia) in Berlin and a fellow founding member of QTBIPOC Hamburg. Through collaborative curatorial practices, his community engagement focuses on queerness, intersectionality, community building, and critical pedagogy.